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myVoiceDrop turns your iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad into your personal podcast and voice gram to share with others.

myVoiceDrop uses your Dropbox account to share your recording with others and also makes it easier to access your recordings from your Mac and PC for editing with other applications.

myVoiceDrop can help in the following way:

  • Create Podcasts easily and then edit using your mac or pc.
  • Create voice overs and audible text to share it with others.
  • Create short voice grams to share it with your family and friends.
  • Record a team or important meeting to share with your department or organization

myVoiceDrop provides a very easy to record and stop by toggling the button between myVoiceDrop logo button for play and red stop button to end the recording.

myVoiceDrop provides audio sound cue when you start and end the recording.

myVoiceDrop refreshes time of the recording every second while recording.

myVoiceDrop save the recording locally into a unique file name and provides the duration and size of the audio file

You can play back the recording and if you do like it you can delete and start over.

myVoiceDrop provides way to rename your file before or after loading to your dropbox account.

With a single touch you can upload your recorded file to your dropbox account. Once it is upload myVoiceDrop shows you the path of the recorded file in Dropbox.

With a single touch you can email your recording via email to your friends and family. We use the dropbox share link feature to create a unique link.

You can go to Dropbox links web page to manage all your shared links. Also you can learn more about dropbox sharing by going to their help page on sharing.

Automatically upload to Dropbox after recording

You can choose to upload your recording to your dropbox account automatically after stop recording or manually after you use the playback and rename feature.

Continue recording in background and locked

Continue recording in the background and locked mode for convenience.

Play sound at the start and end of recording

You have the option to turn on or off the audio sound cue before start and stop of every recording.

Delete confirmation alert prompt

You can disable the delete recording confirmation alert.